Star is a pre-employment skill assessment, training and internship program open to individuals with different abilities. Students enrolled in Star have been referred to the program by their parents or caregivers, case managers and/or schools.

Services provided include:

   Classroom instruction

    Interest assessment

    Career exploration

    Job coaching

    Supported employment

Star is a classroom and community-based collaboration between Abilities and Warren County Community College (WCCC) with instruction provided on the WCCC campus in Washington.

Star runs 12 to 18 weeks providing skill and vocation exploration and assessments, classwork, and internships/job sampling.

The goal of the program is to place students into supported employment and integrated community-based employment through the Employment Pathways program. This allows students continued support fand utilimately will provide a seamless entry into the world of work after graduation.

For more information on the program, call (908) 689-1118 or email